Our Marine Electronics and Electrical Equipment:
  • A full HD IPS display.
  • Utilise the finest network connectivity to construct your marine system with ease.
  • Smart station controls are made to provide instantaneous, one-button access to all of the relevant data at your fingertips.
  • Enables you to view underwater with beautiful real-time scene.
  • Scout the area in front of your boat to see the action as it happens.
  • View the action happening just beneath your boat in real time.
  • High powered radar with power save mode.
  • High-resolution radar with intuitive operation.
  • Motionscope Technology can help you navigate around other boats and in severe weather.
  • Provide complete Autopilot Packages suitable for most yachting requirements.
  • Our Autopilot Packages include a revolutionary autopilot with solid-state 9-axis and a sunlight viewable display designed for a variety of vessels.
  • Built-in GPS plus CHIRP sonar and CHIRP scanning sonar capability.
  • Live stream wirelessly up to 200' via an app display on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Setup is quick and simple. In minutes, you'll be ready to go fishing.
Our Marine Electronics and Electrical Services:
Providing customised solutions for all of your boating, yachting and sailing needs. Customers can select from a wide range of specialised and customised services, from rigging to onboarding marine electronics advice and installation.
Offering a comprehensive suite of world-class marine integration and combining with technical advice from experts who have worked with world-leading boat manufacturers and designers. Enjoy pre- and post-sales customer support from anywhere.
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